Our history

Mazars still bears the name of its original founder, Robert Mazars, who started its practice near Rouen, in Western France, in 1945. The firm quickly grew to establish itself as a highly reputable practice, rapidly acquiring new clients and becoming well-known for its focus on technical excellence and quality of service.

From its humble beginning to the international Group that it is today, Mazars has always remained true to its founder’s spirit and values of deep ethical commitment, responsibility and belief that technical excellence is the key to success.

It is based upon these values that the generations which inherited Mazars managed to grow the organization, through the co-optation of new partners, in Europe and beyond, and through mergers with firms that share the same values, vision, and objectives.

Today Mazars has become a fully-fledged global player.

Key milestones in our history

  • 1945: Robert Mazars starts its accountancy practice near Rouen, France.
  • 1965: The Cabinet Robert Mazars limited liability company is created on January 1.
  • 1973: Cabinet Robert Mazars moves its audit team to Paris.
  • 1975: Mazars opens its first offices outside of France, in Germany and Spain.
  • 1983: Robert Mazars chooses to resign. Patrick de Cambourg becomes Chairman of Mazars.
  • 1995: Mazars merges with Guérard Viala. The merger also marks the creation of the Mazars CARL partnership, which gives the partners in each of the two firms the chance to be fully associated as equals in the development of the new organization.
  • 1998: Mazars merges with Neville Russell, one of Britain’s leading independent firms.
  • 1999: Mazars & Guérard choose the brandname “Mazars”.
  • 2000: Mazars merges with Paardekooper Hoffman in The Netherlands. With offices in most European countries, Mazars truly becomes an international organization. Outside of Europe, Mazars is already present in Latin America (Brazil), China and in a number of African countries. The organization also operates in many other countries, through correspondence agreements.
  • 2003-2007: Mazars speeds up its international development, with new offices in Eastern Europe (including Russia), China, India and the Asia-Pacific area, Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile), Southern Africa and the Middle East.
  • 2007: Mazars becomes one of the founding members of the Praxity alliance bringing together over 100 independent firms in 75 countries.
  • 2013: Mazars has offices in 72 countries and can operate in another 14, through agreements and representative offices.
  • 2014: Mazars has offices in 73 countries. Over 14 000 professionals work for the company across the globe. 
  • 2015: In April, 2015 Mazars and RBS RoeverBroennerSusat announced their merger which united about 1.000 professionals, including 68 partner, and €110 millions of turnover in the German market. 
  • 2016: Mazars finalised a merger with Chinese audit firm ZhongShen ZhongHuan, to create a full-service firm with the ability to support clients in 77 countries. This merger will bring together more than 1 800 professionals, including 83 partners, from 15 offices across mainland China.
  • 2017: Mazars welcomes Bulgaria, DR Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania into its integrated partnership. Mazars operates throughout 79 countries. More than 18 000 professionals work in the company worldwide.
  • 2019: Mazars operates throughout 89 countries. More than 40 000 professionals work in the company worldwide: 24 000 professionals in our integrated partnership + 16 000 professionals in the U.S. and Canada via Mazars North America Alliance.
  • 2020: Mazars has 40,400 professionals serving global clients: 24,400 professionals across 91 countries and territories in Mazars’ unique integrated partnership, and 16,000 professionals from the Mazars North America Alliance in the US and Canada.
  • 2022: Mazars has more than 44,000 professionals serving global clients: 28,000+ professionals across more than 90 countries and territories in Mazars’ unique integrated partnership, and 16,000+ professionals from the Mazars North America Alliance in the US and Canada.

Mazars in Russia

  • 1995: Mazars established its presence in Russia through a merger with the Russian Audit agency "Veta", which gave birth to the "Veta-Mazars" office in Moscow.
  • 2009: “Veta-Mazars” starts to operate under a unique brandname Mazars.
  • 2010: Mazars Moscow Office celebrates 15 years of stable growth and development in Russia.
  • 2011: Mazars opens an office in Saint-Petersburg.
  • 2014: Mazars opens a branch office in Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek.
  • 2015: Mazars is celebrating 20 years anniversary in Russia. Over the past 10 years, Mazars in Russia more than in 10 times increased its revenue and by 10 times expanded its staff.
  • 2016: Mazars was ranked Tier 2 in World Transfer Pricing Rating (International Tax Review).
  • 2019: Mazars opens a new business line: Mazars Labs. The team provides consulting services for business in the field of innovative technologies.
  • 2019: A new office is opened in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. 
  • 2020: Mazars opens an office in Togliatti.
  • 2021: Mazars has joined forces with the Russian audit group Marillion.
  • 2022: 27 years of successful and dynamic growth at the Russian market.