Modern Audit: Problems and Prospects

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation hosted the conference "Modern Audit: Problems and Prospects" with participation of Elvira Nabiullina, Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, and Anton Siluanov, Minister of Finance, on November 14, 2016.

One of the speakers at the conference was Anastasia Terekhina, ACCA, Senior Audit Department Manager (Banking, Property and Insurance), Certified Auditor at Mazars. The conference was organized with the aim of comprehensive discussion of the issues of quality of audit activities and their regulation.

The Conference was attended by the heads of major Russian banks and non-credit financial institutions, heads of internal audit departments, heads of leading Russian and international accounting firms.


Plenary Session 1 "Modern Audit: Regulatory Approaches"

Concurrent round tables

  • Internal Audit in Credit Institutions
  • Banks’ Audit Quality: Expectations and Opportunities
  • External Audit: Quality, Independence, Ethics
  • External Control of the Auditors’ Activities
  • Internal Audit in Non-Credit Financial Institutions
  • Interaction of the Bank of Russia and External Auditor of Banks
  • It’s all about the People: Qualifications and Business Reputation of Auditors
  • Information Exchange as an Integral Component of Working Efficiency

Plenary Session 2 "Internal and External Audit: Is there anything in common except the name?"

  • The consequences of identifying by an auditor of the audited entity’s fraudulent activities. International experience (speaker A. Terekhina).

Mazars’ presentation from the event is available for download below.


Mazars: Последствия выявления аудитором мошеннических действий аудируемого лица. М...
Mazars: Последствия выявления аудитором мошеннических действий аудируемого лица. Международный опыт