RAEX interview with Daniil Berlizov, Chief Business Development and Marketing Officer of Mazars in Russia

About accounting outsourcing market in Russia and how it changed during the last 2 years

Daniil commented on the current state of accounting outsourcing market and what influenced the demand for bookkeeping and payroll services during the last two years. He also told about the impact of the pandemic on the financial results of Mazars in Russia and latest updates of the company. 

Daniil Berlizov Chief Business Development and Marketing Officer

Since summer 2020, we have seen a large increase in requests for outsourcing services. First of all, this is due to changes in business processes made during the pandemic among the clients. Remote work and the absence of an accountant next door became a kind of training for many top managers before transferring accounting function to the provider.

Source: RAEX

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