Appointment of Andrei Milinov as a Partner of Audit practice

We would like to congratulate Andrei Milinov with his appointment as an internationally recognised Audit Partner in Mazars.

Andrei leads the office in Togliatti, which has been opened in June 2020. Prior to joining Mazars’ team Andrei worked in the in the largest international audit and consulting companies, his experience in audit is more than 26 years.

Andrei comments: “I am pleased to join Mazars’ team in such important and challenging times for the business and the whole Russian market. I joined the company with a formed and stable team of professionals, who had been working with the largest enterprises of Samara region for more than 10 years. During these years we have built a solid reputation, which is the basis of our work, and which we are planning to expand in Mazars while cooperating with our colleagues.

We combine an understanding of local characteristics and an effective use of our international experience, offering partnership to our clients and guaranteeing high quality audit services. In these challenging times Mazars’ clients are expecting to receive a reliable support from a professional consultant that helps to adapt quickly and change the models of work, responding to the new challenges derived from the pandemic. I would like to note that high standards of professional services in Mazars joint with our direct presence near our regional clients are uncovering new opportunities for our practice, letting us respond to the clients’ needs faster and foresee their questions.”

In Mazars, Andrei works with clients of the manufacturing, including automotive sector, as well as wholesale and professional services. He leads audit projects in accordance with RAS, IFRS and US GAAP, transformation from RAS to IFRS, consolidation of large groups of companies, first application of IFRS, and others.