Mazars in Russia is a sponsor of Charity activities

Mazars in Russia is pleased to announce that the main part of our company’s New Year gift budget for this year has been channeled for charity activities.

Mazars in Russia - New Year 2015 Charity Project

This year we decided to support the online tutoring educational program “Chance” in the Karabanovsky Orphanage (Vladimir Region) arranged by the Fund “Arithmetic of Good”. The main objective of the program is to prepare children for secondary specialized and higher education institutions.

“We wondered how we could come up with an original gift this year on the one hand and reduce the budget of the previous year on the other hand, – said Nadezhda Matekina, Manager of Communications and Marketing at Mazars, in her interview for the Pressfeed blog – At the moment of decision making we had already cooperated with the Fund “Arithmetic of Good” and provided informational support for their projects, so we were well aware of what their organization was dealing with. However, despite the fact that we are a socially responsible company, we did not participate in large charity projects before that time. As our values are similar to the Foundation’s activities, we were able to choose the project, the support of which would be useful for children on the one hand and would be close to our professional activities on the other hand.” (read the full interview)

We live in a world of finance and we constantly work with numbers, but we also believe that in addition to the financial arithmetic, there is another one – arithmetic of good, which can be measured by quite different units – children’s smiles, their achievements and successes. We hope that our support of the “Chance” educational program will help kids to acquire new knowledge and, subsequently, successfully socialize in the community. Let a dream of at least one child come true due to this kind gift!

This New Year, part of our clients will receive a delicious honey-cake in a specially designed box with a card where they can find the guidance on how they can

contribute by making a personal donation

In the course of the project, we will share the news with you and sum up the intermediate results; also, we are going to see if our clients volunteer to join the program.

Below you can read children's feedback about the educational program “Chance” in the Karabanovsky Orphanage.


Children's feedback about the educational program “Chance” in the Karabanovsky Orphanage
Children's feedback about the educational program “Chance” in the Karabanovsky Orphanage