Mazars in France sponsors exhibition "Warhol: Unlimited" at the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris

Mazars in France is proud to support the exhibition "Warhol: Unlimited" at the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris, on display from October 2, 2015 to February 7, 2016.

"Warhol: Unlimited"

A historical sponsor of culture and heritage and so far of works of classical art and art institutions, Mazars in France strengthens its commitment to cultural institutions, by supporting a flagship institution of the art scene, and an exhibition that refreshes the gaze of one of the greatest artistic icons of the twentieth century.

By choosing to support one of the major exhibitions of modern art, Mazars in France reaffirms its commitment to promote artistic wealth and enroll contribution of a sponsor as an ambassador of creation beyond the boundaries of time and disciplines. 


Extract from the interview with Hervé Helias, CEO of Mazars in France and Co-CEO of the Group, Fine Arts Magazine, Special Edition Warhol Unlimited, autumn 2015.

Why has Mazars chosen to support the Warhol exhibition: Unlimited at Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris?

The project of a unique exhibition, offering a surprising and fresh look at a famous work known by everybody. Andy Warhol's fascination too: extraordinarily modern, whose very name evokes a whole world apart. Finally, the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris, architectural jewel which falls within a great artistic history. 

As with every sponsorship operation undertaken by Mazars, it is always the story of a meeting. A meeting between the two institutions which share values of transmission, public interest and openness. But especially, the two teams that have worked actively and smartly so that a patronage program is not reduced to a financial transaction or public relation. Finally, two teams who worked to reveal both a commitment as a sponsor and the passion of a cultural institution. […]

What factors precondition your patronage program?

Mazars’ very rapid growth in recent years has led to voluntarism and active engagement through numerous actions. They are part of the culture, of course, at the Louvre Museum, Paris Museums or the French Institute. We are also committed to the idea of debate within the Montaigne Institute, the Institute of business, the City of Success or IFRI. Not to mention, naturally, our work for education and solidarity with the participation of Mazars Foundation. 

For a company which capital is almost entirely human, construction and development can only be achieved in meeting others, women and men. Mazars’ actions as a patron reflect this taste for transmission, discovery and openness. Because we believe that a company is more than just a turnover, but it is also - and perhaps above all – affairs of people and values, we are engaged in operations that resemble us and enable our employees to come together and share discoveries and human adventures.