COVID-19 & Your business

During this time of uncertainty and volatility, our stakeholders need a source of reliable information to help meet the challenges they face. Our office and the Group are closely monitoring the Coronavirus situation to be prepared and respond appropriately. Mazars is creating a series of useful insights written by our experts to offer advice, guidance and practical support to help business leaders to make complex decisions on a daily basis and keep their workforce and communities safe, while moving the business forward.

Regardless of the market you operate within or the size of business you manage, we all have a common goal: to reduce the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on operations, employees, customers and the general public. 

1. Migration and Labor Law 

23.12.2020 | Departure of HQS and their families for Christmas and New Year - update

11.11.2020 | HQS (highly qualified specialists) entry into the Russian Federation under the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions

15.06.2020 | Coronavirus Prevention Measures in the Workplace

22.04.2020 | On Legal Status of Foreign Citizens

30.03.2020 | Recommendations of the Ministry of Labour for Employees and Employers

27.03.2020 | Force Majeure Circumstances

25.03.2020 | Labor and Migration: Latest News 

19.03.2020 | Migration Restrictions dated March 18

18.03.2020 | Working from Home as a Measure to Limit the Spread of Coronavirus Infection

2. Business support measures 

11.06.2020 | New Measures to Support Tenants During Coronavirus Crisis

27.04.2020 | On the Expanded List of the Affected Industries

23.04.2020 | Organisational Resilience 

13.04.2020 | On General Meeting Due Dates and Net Asset Value

08.04.2020 | Support Measures for Tenants of Real Estate: Deferral and Reduction of Rent Payments

08.04.2020 | Tax Measures to Support Business and Restrictions on Inspections

02.04.2020 | Support Measures for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Companies

02.04.2020 | Measures to Support SMEs

31.03.2020 | Amendments to the Tax Code

25.03.2020 | Presidential Address on COVID-19: Measures to Support Business

19.03.2020 | 5 tips for Handling COVID-19 (Mazars SK)


26.05.2020 | Impact of Self-isolation on Audit Processes

30.03.2020 | Electronic Procedure for Issuing Audit Reports

4. Accountancy

30.04.2020 | Electronic Document Flow: F.A.Q.

27.03.2020 | On Due Dates of Annual Financial Reporting

24.03.2020 | Accounting issues in the context of COVID-19

5. Information for the companies from the privately owned business (POB) sector

19.03.2020 | Dealing with COVID-19 as a Privately Owned Business

6. People in your business 

19.03.2020 | Prevention Measures for Businesses and Workers

7. IT

19.03.2020 | Key Focus Areas for Your IT Team (Mazars UK)

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