Electronic procedure for issuing audit reports

Regardless of the market you operate within or the size of business you manage, we all have a common goal: to reduce the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on operations, employees, customers and the general public.

To this end, Mazars Audit Department has implemented a fully electronic procedure for issuing audit reports, which is already available to our clients:

  • Accounting (financial) statements verified with an electronic signature of the client;
  • Audit report signed with the auditor's e-signature;
  • Binding these documents electronically with protection against any changes.

When electronic signatures are used, documents created online are as legal as those on paper.

Thus, Mazars is fully equipped to issue audit reports in a completely paperless form without violating the "home office" mode, even under full quarantine.

In the COVID-19 context, it means that all procedures are performed remotely, which provides continuity of business processes for all parties and allows following preventive and quarantine measures.

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