Medical examinations and fingerprint registration of foreign citizens after 29.12.2021

We kindly remind you that on 29 December 2021 amendments to the Federal Law of 25 July 2002 N 115-FZ ‘On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation’ come into force.

According to these amendments:

All foreign citizens arriving on the territory of the Russian Federation after 29 December 2021 must complete the procedure of fingerprint registration and photographing, and provide medical documents confirming a negative testing for new and potentially dangerous psychoactive substances and other narcotic or psychotropic substances (except for cases when the substances were medically prescribed), and provide a negative testing for dangerous infectious diseases, including COVID-19, as well as a certificate of absence of HIV infection.


  • For foreign citizens, including highly qualified specialists (HQS), who arrive in the Russian Federation for labour purposes – 30 calendar days from the date of entry;
  • For foreign citizens who arrive in Russia for purposes not related to employment for a period exceeding 90 days (includes family members of HQS) – 90 calendar days from the date of entry.


Fingerprint registration is done once.

Medical documents are subject to renewal at the end of their validity period. Currently, the period of validity of such medical documents, as established by the Ministry of Healthcare, is 90 days. According to the latest information from the government officials, there are plans to extend it to 1 year. However, the exact date when this will be officially announced is not known.

Passing medical examination and fingerprint registration, providing medical documents

To complete all procedures as well as to obtain medical documents and submit them to the Ministry of Internal Affairs the personal presence of a foreign citizen (and / or their legal representative, if it is a minor citizen over 6 years old) is required. Thus, it will be necessary to plan at least 3 visits to medical organisations and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

  • 1st visit: medical examination

At the moment, the medical centre in Sakharovo (under the jurisdiction of the Migration centre) as well as 6 other clinics in Moscow (state clinics, branches of the medical centre in Sakharovo) are available for foreign citizens. The largest clinic in Moscow that conducts the necessary tests for foreign citizens is the Moscow Scientific and Practical Centre of Dermatovenerology and Cosmetology of the Moscow Health Department. 

Please kindly note that one may need to visit several clinics in Moscow in order to undergo all tests. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a full examination can be carried out in Sakharovo centre and the Practical Centre of Dermatovenerology and Cosmetology.

  • 2nd visit: medical test results’ reception

This is done in person at the same medical centre 4-5 days after the tests were conducted.

  • 3rd visit: visit to the Migration center in Sakharovo

This is to undergo the fingerprinting procedure and provide medical documents (in person only).


  • We recommend to schedule your time when visiting medical clinics and the Migration Centre in Sakharovo, as the estimated time for each visit is about 5 hours (with more than 100 people in a queue). This is due to the fact that all foreign citizens, including those of the CIS countries, have to go through the procedures at the same place. Separate queues or service desks for HQS are not provided, and no preliminary booking is available;
  • Time must be allowed for paperwork: when visiting a medical centre, foreign citizens are required to bring a tear-off part of their residence registration document and a notarised translation of their passport;
  • In connection with the above, we recommend that foreign nationals (HQS) who leave the territory of the Russian Federation during the January holidays extend their stay abroad after the New Year to avoid the first wave of arrivals to the Russian Federation. At the beginning of 2022, introduction of the new measures may result in significant queues. Government officials have assured that they consider opening a special service desk for HQS only and expanding the list of clinics that are authorised to conduct medical examinations in the future.

Mazars' legal practice team always remains at your service in case you need a more detailed advice. We are ready to provide all the necessary support, including accompanying the HQS and their family members during visits to the clinics and fingerprinting procedures in Sakharovo.

If you require assistance with accompanying foreign citizens or preparing documents for visits to clinics and the Migration centre, please kindly inform the Mazars’ legal practice team of the planned dates of your or your foreign colleagues’ arrivals and book the service in advance.

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