Entry of HQS and their family members to Russia in 2021

On 30 December 2020, by Order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 3675-r, family members accompanying foreign citizens - highly qualified specialists (HQS) are officially allowed to come to the territory of the Russian Federation.

In order to enter the country, family members, as well as HQS themselves, should first gain approval from the relevant Ministry that controls the activities of the inviting company.

Besides in accordance with the new Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of February 6, 2021, No. 258-r, multiple entry into the Russian Federation for the HQS and accompanying family members is now allowed.

Re-entering the Russian Federation

Relevant Ministries started approving multiple entries from February 9th. The approvals issued after this date will allow multiple trips throughout 2021.

Those foreign nationals who received the permission from the relevant Ministries earlier will have to request it again to get multiple entry.

Furthermore, the Public Services portal has recently introduced a new service allowing foreign citizens to check if they are on the lists of those who are allowed to enter the Russian Federation. To do this, you should follow these simple steps:

  • Create a simplified account on the Public Services portal: https://esia.gosuslugi.ru/registration/ (select "another registration method" in the registration form)
  • Indicate the following data in the registration form: full name, mobile phone number and e-mail address. The full name should be filled in Cyrillic, in accordance with the way it is put on the visa.
  • After clicking on the registration button, an SMS message with a code will be sent to the specified mobile number, which should be entered in the "confirmation code" field.
  • Next, create and enter a password. An email will be sent to the address specified during registration, with a link to be followed to confirm it.

Currently, the service still has some bugs, and the data may be displayed incorrectly.

We strongly recommend you keep the following in mind when traveling:

  • When boarding an international aircraft traveling to the territory of the Russian Federation, a foreign citizen must have a medical document (in Russian or English), confirming a negative test result for COVID-19, issued no earlier than three days before boarding the plane;
  • Foreign citizens and stateless persons arriving for the purpose of carrying out labour activities must fulfil the requirements for isolation for a period of 14 calendar days from the date of arrival in the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • The entry permit is "tied" to the passport and visa of a foreign citizen (stateless person). If the passport and/ or visa is changed, it is obligatory to request the approval of the Ministry again.

A team of Mazars lawyers is ready to advise clients in more detail in each individual case, as well as help in going through a multi-stage procedure for approving, entering, issuing a work permit and inviting the HQS specialists and their families.

We are monitoring updates and will keep abreast of changes in procedures - follow our news on the website and in social networks.