Recommendations of the Ministry of Labour for Employees and Employers

Published on the evening of March 26 on the website of the Ministry of Labour and Social Development of the Russian Federation (Mintrud), Recommendations for employees and employers pursuant to the Executive Order of the President of the Russian Federation dated March 25, 2020 № 206 “On Declaring Non-Work Days in the Russian Federation”, recall that from March 30 to April 3, 2020 non-working days with the retention of employees' salaries are established.

Thus, the Ministry of Labour reaffirms that the presence of non-working days in the calendar month (March, April 2020) is not a ground for reducing workers' salaries.

If an employee is on leave, the non-working days from 30 March to 3 April 2020 are not included in the number of days of leave and the leave is not extended for these days.

The non-working days are not considered to be weekends or non-working holidays, so payment is made in a usual rather than an increased amount.

Also, the Ministry of Labour once again reminded that the establishment of non-working days pursuant to the Order does not apply to the employees of the organizations mentioned in paragraph 2 of the Order, in particular:

  • medical and pharmacy organizations, organizations ensuring continuity of their production and technological activities, as well as social service organizations;
  • continuously operating organizations, where it is impossible to suspend operations in terms of production and technical conditions. In addition, organizations in the sphere of energy, heat supply, water treatment, water purification and wastewater disposal; organizations operating hazardous industrial facilities and subject to the regime of constant state control (supervision) concerning the industrial safety; organizations operating hydraulic engineering facilities; nuclear industry organizations of; construction organizations, the operational interruption of which will endanger the safety, health and life of people; agricultural industry organizations engaged in spring fieldwork;
  • organizations that provide the population with foodstuffs and basic necessities; organizations that in order to provide the population with foodstuffs and basic necessities provide warehouse (storage) services, transport and logistics services; trade organizations;
  • organizations that perform urgent activities under emergency conditions, in other cases, endangering the life and normal living conditions of the population, including enterprises that produce personal protective equipment, disinfectants, medicines, medical supplies, infrared scanners, non-contact infrared thermometers and air disinfection units, as well as enterprises producing materials, raw materials and components necessary for their production; organizations whose activities are related to the protection of public health and prevention of the spread of the new coronavirus infection; production and post-consumer waste management organizations; organizations providing housing and public utilities services to the population; oil (petroleum) supply chain organizations; organizations providing financial services (urgent activities); organizations providing transport services to the population; organizations providing emergency repair and handling operations; organizations providing urgent repair, loading, unloading and handling services to the population;
  • Pension Fund of the Russian Federation and its territorial bodies;
  • The Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation and its territorial bodies;
  • Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund and territorial compulsory medical insurance funds.

In addition, the Ministry of Labour recommends the heads of organizations that are subject to a regime of non-working days from March 30 to April 3, 2020, not to forget about the obligation to ensure compliance with the legislative requirements in the field of antiterrorist protection, industrial and transportation security, as well as other mandatory requirements, norms and regulations at the facilities they are entrusted with.


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