On Temporary Measures to Regulate the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons in Russia

On April 18, a Decree of the President of the Russian Federation № 274 “On temporary measures to regulate the legal status of foreign citizens and stateless persons in the Russian Federation in connection with the threat of the further spread of a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)” entered into force.

According to the Decree, the following measures will be effective from March 15 to June 15, 2020 inclusive:

  • The following periods of stay are suspended: duration of temporary stay, temporary or permanent residence of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation, as well as the time periods for which foreign citizens were registered at the place of stay or registered at the place of residence, if such terms expire during the specified period; 
  • The validity period of visas, work permits, permissions to engage and use foreign employees, patents, temporary residence permits, residence permits, migration cards with the expiration date stamped on them, have been suspended, as well as if the due dates for these documents expire from March 15 to June 15 inclusive; 
  • It is established that the employers and service recipients have the right, under the circumstance of fulfillment of all established restrictions and other measures aimed at ensuring the sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population, to employ foreign citizens who arrived in the Russian Federation under a visa regime without work permits (if the employer has permission to engage and use foreign workers), and to employ those who arrived in Russia under a non-visa regime, without a patent; 
  • No decisions should be made on administrative expulsion and deportation of foreign citizens outside the Russian Federation, on undesirability of stay (residence) in the Russian Federation, on cancellation of previously issued visas, work permits, patents, temporary residence permits, and residence permits.

Please note that the Presidential Decree does not address the due dates for submitting notifications of conclusion / termination of labor contracts with foreign employees as well as quarterly notifications for salaries paid out to highly-qualified specialists. We believe that pending appropriate clarification, it is necessary to comply with these due dates in the prescribed manner.

We are currently awaiting clarifications from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia regarding the specifics of application of this Decree, we will keep you informed, kindly keep track of the latest updates on our website.


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