Overview of the Banking sector

Mazars' experts prepared a full annual "Overview of the Banking sector", where you can find the main trends in the banking sector over the last year and a half.

Overview of the Banking sector in 2014 and H1 2015

The economic and political situation in Russia in 2014 and early 2015 was characterized by increased uncertainty and a number of highly unfavorable factors. 

Falling oil prices, the introduction and gradual expansion of sanctions against a number of Russian companies had a significant impact on the country’s economy. The depreciation of the ruble and restrictions on imports of some goods drove up consumer prices.

The economic environment impacted the development of the banking sector in this period. The main trends in the sector in the past 18 months have included bank closures, an increase in the number of licenses being revoked, higher concentration of the business and gradual decline in profits.

Below you can download a full version of the Overview of the Banking sector in 2014 and H1 2015 in English and Russian.