Special assessment of working conditions

Since January 1, 2014 a law on the special assessment of working conditions came into force. Assessment is compulsary for all companies and provides an opportunity to save on the contributions to non-budgetary funds. Refusal to perform the assessment will entail a penalty or a suspension of activities.

Since 2014 all employers are required to conduct a special assesment of working conditions to reduce the risk of occupational accidents and diseases.

Assessment is provided by accredited organizations in the Ministry of Labor and results of the procedure are valid for five years.

An employer is supposed to recieve an assessment report at the end of the procedure that should be published on the corporate web-site with general indicators.

Employer should approve a plan to improve working conditions in compliance with the recommendations recieved, pay an additional contribution to the Pension Fund, provide compensation and social guarantees for employees involved in hazardous and dangerous work.


  1. Purposes, grounds and period of assessment
  2. Supplementary contributions
  3. Monitoring and responsIbility

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