Session of the Tax and Accounting committee in CCI France Russie 29.01.15

CCI France Russie organized a session of the Tax and Accounting committee on 29.01.15, that took place in CCI France Russie office, located in Milutinskiy pereulok, 10/1.

The recent session of CCIFR Tax & Accounting Committee, dedicated to the main trends in the development of electronic document management in Russia, attracted a record-breaking number of participants – more than 50 chief accountants, financial directors and tax consultants.

The session opened by the co-presidents of the Committee, Thierry Simon (“Bourjois”) and Florence Pinot (“Mazars”), who highlighted the growing interest of business in the electronic document flow, and last trends and dynamics on the E-invoicing market.

The first speaker – Olga Duminskaya (Federal Tax Service) – briefly explained the last changes in VAT legislation effective from January 2015, and what new challenges and benefits these changes may bring to the business. Obviously, the audience could not miss the rare opportunity to discuss such a hot issue directly with the Federal Tax Service’s representative, and Olga’s presentation was followed by a lively Q&A session.

Then, Vasily Zudin, marketing director of “Taxcom” – one of the major service providers in the E-market – spoke on the main trends in  the development of electronic document management in Russia.

Finally, Artiom Zakharov (“Auchan”) presented the success story of “Auchan” in implementing the e-invoicing system, from IT point of view. Artiom’s presentation was very comprehensive and draw a lot of attention and questions from the audience, since now “Auchan” seems to be one of the pioneers in switching from paper format to electronic document flow with their suppliers.

The story of “Auchan” clearly shows that the electronic document management, despite many IT, legal and administrative constraints, is already becoming a reality in Russia, and in future more and more companies (including SME) will be switching to the E-invoicing system.   

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