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Two captains: separation of powers between directors

In the new issue (№2, 2016) of the magazine "Corporate Lawyer", the publication for corporate lawyers and heads of legal departments of major Russian and foreign companies, you can find an article of Mazars’ expert Andrei Kandaurov, Senior Lawyer, Tax and Legal Department.

Several Directors

In the new issue (№ 295) of Le Courrier de Russie, socio-political and business newspaper, was published an article by Mazars’ expert Andrey Kandaurov, Senior Lawyer of the Tax and Legal Department.

Personal data. How the world changed.

Starting from September 1, 2015 personal data of the Russian citizens shall be processed in Russia. However, in practice implementation of the new rule raises many questions. There hasn’t been any clarifying acts so far, and private opinion of regulatory bodies changes from time to time.