Accounting Outsourcing

Mazars Russia Accounting Outsourcing Department provides companies with high level operational support in bookkeeping and reporting on both local and transnational bases. Mazars is among Top-10 companies in Russia for Accounting & Financial reports (RAS and IFRS).

We employ highly qualified professionals with a broad range of skills and expertise, a multicultural profile, fluent in several languages (English and/or French). Our teams have a deep knowledge and experience of multinational companies: they are able to adapt themselves to the international background of our clients and at the same time to adhere to Russian requirements. 

Accounting Outsourcing department works by teams consisting of from 5 to 8 accountants.

We can offer you a wide range of services:


  • Set-up of business in Russia, design of administrative and document workflows
  • Set-up and customization of your ERP – Development of interfaces with other tools, programming under 1C of reports for management
  • Accounting issues
  • Tax or legal matters (dedicated department)

Bookkeeping according to Russian Accounting Standards

  • Full outsourced bookkeeping
  • Partial bookkeeping
  • Accounting review
  • Preparation of full package of mandatory Financial Statements
  • Assistance during audits
  • Restoration of accounting books

Tax compliance

  • Preparation and submission of Tax Returns (VAT, CIT, Property Tax, Transport tax and etc.)
  • Preparation and submission of Statistics reports
  • Assistance in case of Tax controls

Payroll & HR

  • Payroll calculation and preparation of payment orders
  • HR documents and assistance in HR workflow organization
  • Calculation of social charges, preparation of Social Returns and submission of the returns to Pension and Social Funds
  • Labour agreements, internal HR policies & legal advising (dedicated department)
  • Review of mandatory HR documents for compliance with labor legislation and client’s internal procedures
  • Recovery of HR documentation

Reporting according to IFRS/ US GAAP / French GAAP and other standards

  • Kept in parallel with Russian Accounting Standards ( 1C Homenet module)
  • Mapping of Russian chart of accounts with charts of accounts or cost centers used by Head Offices
  • Transformation (reporting to Head Offices) according to IFRS/US GAAP/French GAAP and other standards


  • Dedicated to the local accounting staff (legal requirements, set-up of procedures)
  • Dedicated to foreign managers (domestic accounting , tax and legal specificities)

Business Process Outsourcing

  • Expense reports (workflows and processing)
  • Check of cash documents (retail)
  • Invoices authorization workflows

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