Tax and Legal Services

“The liberty is the right of doing whatever the law permits”

Charles de Montesquieu (1689-1755), De l’Esprit des Lois (1748) [“The Spirit of the law”]. 

Tax and legal compliances are essential for the prosperity and the success of your business whatever the place of your business development in the world. Our Tax and Legal Department is fully focused on this purpose but also on advising its clients on tax optimization and on providing them with comprehensive legal support to start and develop durably their business in Russia.

Due to a tight cooperation with the audit and accounting services of Mazars in Russia but also with Mazars international network, our clients can rely on our strong preoccupation to provide them with tax and legal advices in coherence with the reality of their business in Russia and abroad.

Mazars in Russia's Tax and Legal team comprises highly qualified specialists who have a deep knowledge of the Russian legislation and its enforcement. Our lawyers and tax advisors speak English and/or French and they are daily involved in supporting the projects of multinational companies operating in Russia.

We propose a full range of tax and legal services detailed below: 

Tax Services

Understanding of Russian tax regulations and solving pure tax issues takes time – time which can be used more productively developing your business.

Transfer pricing services

In the current economic climate, Transfer Pricing is the most important tax issue facing not only multinational businesses but also any cross border business. As in many countries, the Transfer Pricing regulation in Russia became more prescriptive.

Legal Services

We provide comprehensive legal services to help our client both in the resolution of the problems arising in their day-to-day business and in elaborating their decisions in compliance with the regulations in force in Russia and abroad.