Taxation of individuals

Our team provides support at all stages of individuals’ taxation, including the following services:

  • Preparation and submission of personal income tax return (3-NDFL form)
  • Review of tax assessments and preparation of instructions for payment of PIT (penalties, interests)
  • Submission of requests for obtaining of certificates in the Tax Authorities (including certificate on absence of tax debts, tax residence certificate, etc.)
  • Provision of tax advice on Russian PIT matters
  • Preparation and submission of notification on opening / closing / change of details of foreign bank account and its annual cash-flow reports
  • Liaison with the Tax Authorities regarding property taxes of individuals (transport tax, land tax, property tax)

CFC related tax compliance:

  • Preparation and submission of notification on participation in foreign organizations
  • Preparation and submission of notification on controlled foreign companies (CFC)
  • Calculation of CFC’s taxable profits

Mazars Global Mobility Services guide to expatriate taxation on 5 continents.

This guide serves as a quick reference guide to assist those who would be seconded to or within the following countries or employers seconding expatriates to work in or within the following countries. We have also given a comparison of the level of social security contributions and individual income tax in the mentioned countries. The guide includes the contact details for our offices and experts who would be pleased to assist you in respect of specific issues which arise in practice.

Global mobility services

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