Machinery and equipment valuation

Most businesses have equipment in the books. In practice, the needs for valuation concern a wide range of equipments: from the office computers to the production lines, machines, vehicles.

Equipment valuation is the most diverse form of valuation practice, as it has a significant number of varied, highly specialized and often unique items subject to valuation.

Equipment valuation is mostly demanded in the following cases:

  • Valuation for the IFRS purposes;
  • Valuation and selection of optimal pledges in lending;
  • Valuation when negotiating amounts of statutory contributions to the registered capital;
  • Valuation and counseling in debts recovery;
  • Valuation and counseling for tax optimization. 

Many years of experience in equipment valuation and expertise of the Mazars valuators ensure accuracy, timeliness and objectiveness of the valuation activities of any complexity level.

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