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Analyzing and optimizing company’s data structure, automating managerial reports preparation process and developing functional reports for making right managerial decisions.

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In the modern world, the key question that all businesses face every day is how to organize the all abundance of chaotic data that exists in different files and on different platforms into something unified, structured and understandable? After all, what is the point of gigabytes of information stored on the company's servers, if it is impossible to make important management decisions based on them?

If this question is particularly relevant for you, we are pleased to introduce you Microsoft Power BI – a platform that not only brings your data together, but also teaches them to speak the business language clearly and eloquently.

Microsoft Power BI is a powerful business intelligence tool of Microsoft used to consolidate and process data from a wide range of sources in order to conduct high-quality analytics and ultimately identify trends relevant for the company.


Microsoft Power BI has a large number of advantages compared to traditional forms of reports:

  1. Highly informative and interactive. Analyzing consolidated data from multiple sources at the same time is no longer a problem: Power BI is able to build complex relationships between your data, which makes the report “live” and flexible, adjusting itself every time to your new requests.
  2. Full automation of the reporting process. You no longer need to spend time for adjusting the report manually each time you update the input data – Power BI will do everything for you. After setting up the data update process, you will always see current and correct information in your reports.
  3. Data access from any device. No matter where you are – in the office or on the plane, your analytics is always at your hand. With Power BI, you can make customized versions for mobile devices and tablets, which means that current managerial reporting will be available to you anywhere and anytime.
  4. Universal. The functionality provided by Power BI is so extensive that it can meet the needs of any specialist from every department – from the financial director to the head of the HR department.
  5. Simplicity and ease of use. Despite all the listed characteristics of a multifunctional system, Power BI can be quickly mastered by any user.

Nevertheless, based on our experience of Power BI implementation, we understand that creating a high-quality, sustainable and complex report requires a large amount of time, which can be unavailable for the company. Therefore, our team with its own business process analysts, database architects, programmers and designers, offers its services for implementing Power BI projects for your business – from analyzing data sources and data structure to giving you a ready to use auto-updating report. 

Why Mazars:

  • A large number of successful projects and satisfied customers;
  • Guaranteed completion of the project on time;
  • Industry expertise and knowledge of the business processes specifics;
  • Setting up databases and forming the necessary requests with our own resources.
  • Contacting us can save you up to 6 months of self-implementation through trial and error, which instead you can devote to operational work on improving efficiency of your own business.

What we do:

  • Analysis of the existing data structure and data routes;
  • Transfer of existing reports to Microsoft Power BI with improved functionality (including Qlik, Tableau, SAP Analytics);
  • Modification of existing reports for increased data efficiency and more advanced analysis;
  • Suggestions on the implementation of new informative reports based on the available data;
  • Advanced data analytics and building complex models to generate new data from existing sources.

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