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We put at your disposal our teams of actuaries, statisticians and specialists in Big Data solutions to provide the answers best suited to your problems.

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The challenges of big data 

The ability to exploit a large volume of data as well as to better understand the behavioral dimension of the customer are issues that have become strategic in most sectors of activity.

We can assist you on a wide range of issues related to the analysis of customer behavior in the context of your commercial relationship, whether you work in the financial sector, distribution, telecoms, transport or energy . Our approach allows you to make the most of your data, to capture all the informative wealth in order to better manage your commercial strategy, improve fraud detection or even better meet regulatory requirements (understanding and control of risks).

Statistical studies and modeling

The field of use of statistics in the economic and accounting field is much wider than one would think. Some common problems such as inventory or valuation of stocks, or even the calculation of certain provisions, may require the use of mathematical approaches, sources of time savings and precision.

We can support you on the following subjects:

  • Data analysis (Principal Component Analysis, Factorial Analysis, Supervised and unsupervised classification);
  • Data Science and Machine Learning (Random Forests, SVM, etc.);
  • Scoring;
  • Sampling methodology and / or extrapolation of results;
  • Economic modeling (econometrics, duration models, etc.). 

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