Process automation & digitalisation

Setting up Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and providing alternative quick solutions for automating the routine tasks of your business.


Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is a technology for automating low-level and repetitive business processes by using programmed robots in order to increase operational efficiency, scale up business, and reduce operating costs and risks of the company. 

Benefits of using RPA:

  1. Automation of frequently repeated tasks. RPA frees employees from the need to engage in monotonous, nonintellectual work and instead allows them to devote their time to more complex analytical activity which adds value to the company.
  2. Significantly reduced error rate. Eliminating the human factor from routine tasks, PRA solves the problem of random errors.
  3. No integration with other systems needed. The robot performs its tasks the same way as a regular employee through the user interface of current systems. For this reason, the RPA implementation does not require any changes in the existing IT infrastructure or integration with existing systems.
  4. Full control of robot activity. Robots record all their actions which can be tracked and checked at any moment.
  5. Quick return on investment – usually less than a year. By reallocating human resources, RPA can significantly reduce operational costs. And due to the quick implementation of the robot, visible results can be achieved already in several weeks.
  6. Improved user experience for client and employees. Robots help employees to execute routine but necessary tasks freeing time for more productive work.

Mazars team has extensive experience in full RPA implementation – from analysis of processes for potential automation to the release and control of robots. Among delivered projects for companies from different industries:

  • processing and entering data into the system;
  • updating data;
  • registration of payments;
  • receiving and sending invoices;
  • processing requests;
  • and many other tasks.

 What we do:

  • Proof of concept;
  • Analysis of the processes and identification of the most suitable ones for RPA;
  • Choosing right RPA tool;
  • Full-scale implementation of robots;
  • Creating Center of excellence.

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