French Desk

Mazars French Desk supports French companies in their efforts to take advantage of economic opportunities on the following markets: China, Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Russia and others.

The French Desk multicultural teams comprise bilingual and trilingual professionals fully able to handle French companies’ issues thanks to their cross-border experience. 

At Mazars, the French Desk professionals can draw on the expertise and knowledge of the specialist teams in Audit & Assurance, Outsourcing & Accounting services, Advisory, Tax consulting and Training as required by the on-going assignment.

In addition, Mazars' international and integrated partnership structure allows French Desk professionals to work closely with Mazars’ teams in France on cross-border assignments.

French Desk in Ireland French Desk in Germany French desk in Czech Republic 

French desk in China French desk in Slovakia French desk in South Africa

French desk in the UK French desk in the US French desk in Poland

French desk in Vietnam French Desk In Russia