Italian Desk

The Italian desk was established by Mazars to support Italian companies in their international activities, monitor and share cross border investment opportunities and assist Russian and overseas companies establishing a presence in Italy or joint venturing with Italian partners.

We support Italian companies to take advantage of economic opportunities on the Russian market, and generally in CEE countries, as well as Russian companies to get into the complicate fiscal and bureaucratic Italian system.

Thanks to the cooperation with our Italian, European and worldwide offices, we understand both Russian and Italian markets, regulations and practices. Services are co-ordinated on a global basis and are designed to meet our clients’ needs for multijurisdictional support. We provide the highest quality services in a proactive and cost-effective manner and, due to our in-depth understanding of local processing nuances; we can ensure compliance with the laws and regulations of different jurisdictions worldwide.

The local experienced partners, with the cooperation of the native Italian manager of the Italian Desk CEE seated in Prague, Czech Republic, provide an all-round professional service to Italian investors. 

We are able to support the client wherever he is, and from the global perspective, because a part of worldwide professional service firm (accounting, payroll, tax advice, audit, valuation, etc.).

We offer customized solutions for all needs and requirements:


For Mazars Audit goes beyond the simple audit. To give an opinion on the regularity and reliability of financial information sent to financial markets and to all the stakeholders of the company, it is a matter of trust.

Internal control & risk management/Controllo interno & risk management

The globalized environment of these last years paved the way to new forms of companies ‘organizations: the ‘extended company’. Shared services, subsidiaries, outsourcing, relocations, all these events increase the need for right valuations and guarantee of performances, in favour of shareholders and transparency.

Tax services / Consulenza fiscale

Tax issue is always a top priority. Our team of tax experts can offer either ad hoc solutions for specific situations or a management of the aspects and strategies of the tax issue on a long-term prospect.

Valuation / Valutazioni

Mazars is fully licensed to carry out appraisal activities.

Accounting and payroll / Contabilità e paghe

Our experts in accounting can manage both easy daily routine and complex issues.

Transaction advisory services / Transazioni

We will advise and help the clients during all the business transactions (divestments, acquisitions, etc.).

Gli esperti partners locali con la collaborazione del direttore del desk italiano CEE, che risiede a Praga, Rep. Ceca ed è di origine italiana, forniscono un servizio professionale globale dedicato agli investitori italiani.

Noi assistiamo le società italiane che investono o hanno intenzione di investire in Russia, e più generalmente nei Paesi dell’Unione Europea, a conseguire i vantaggi e le opportunità offerte dal mercato, così come possiamo guidare tra i meandri del sistema fiscale e burocratico italiano le società russe che investono o intendono investire in Italia.

In virtù della cooperazione con i nostri uffici in Europa e nel mondo, il cliente ha a sua disposizione consulenti che ben conoscono e comprendono i mercati, le leggi e le abitudini sia italiani, sia russi.

In quanto parte di una società professionale che offre i propri servizi in tutto il mondo (tenuta contabilitá, paghe, consulenza fiscale, revisione contabile, valutazioni, ecc.), siamo in grado di assistere il cliente ovunque e da un punto di vista globale.

Il Desk italiano di Mazars è stato creato per offrire una via di connessione privilegiata fra l’Italia e la Russia alle persone e alle imprese che investono o intendono investire in uno dei due Paesi. Conosciamo bene le realtà economiche e legislative ed il costume di entrambe le Nazioni. In virtù della integrazione fra il nostro ufficio e tutti gli altri uffici di Mazars nel mondo, possiamo offrire un’assistenza globale, altamente qualificata e personalizzata per tutte le prestazioni professionali ovunque sia necessario.

For more information on how we can help you, please:

Send a request to a local expert in Russia   Send a request to Head of Italian Desk

Italian Desk Guide

Mazars Italian Desk is created to offer a privileged link between Italy and Russia to individuals and companies investing or wishing to invest in one of the two countries. Thanks to the integration between worldwide Mazars’ offices, we are able to offer a global, highly qualified and customized advisory for all our professional services wherever it is necessary.

You can download the Italian Desk Guide below.


Mazars Italian Desk CEE.pdf
Mazars Italian Desk CEE.pdf